Analog Design

Higher your chances of success

Analogware commits to accompany and guide you through each step of your development project from the client need and feasibility of the project, design, simulation, stability, tests and verifications, layout till the production.
Keen to satisfy and meet the needs of its clients, Analogware works in close partnership with them in order to find the best design solution during the whole process. The objective is to find the best answer to your needs and not the easiest !!

Reliable and resistant design

Analogware always ensures to select the components and the technologies that answer best to the life span prevision of the client’s product. Organising tests throughout the whole process and imagining worst case scenarios ensures that the product comes out more reliable and resistant to all the of environments for which it has been conceived.

International Potential

Analogware’s design solutions guarantee a product that will answer to the specific needs and challenges of the international market. Creating a design that respects international certifications and criterias enables the clients to sell their products all around the world.